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How much weight can I lose in 6 weeks?

The decision to lose weight is anything but small; it is a complete lifestyle change. Losing and keeping-weight off takes determination and hard work.

 If you have tried other weight loss programs with little or no success, you know it can be a frustrating and disappointing process.

101 Medical Weight Loss can help.

At The Center for Medical Weight Loss, we know there is no one straight path to long-term weight loss and maintenance. We abide by the scientific fact that weight loss results from fewer calories  'in' and more calories 'out.' But there are so many additional, unique variables that must be taken into account for each person striving to achieve a healthy weight in the long term, ranging from medical conditions to metabolism to behavioral and lifestyle choices and habits.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss program was created to acknowledge and treat the unique, very personal challenges every person looking to lose weight faces. Our belief is that because weight by its very nature is a medical issue, there is no better person to help people achieve their weight loss goals than a physician.

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Retrospective Study of The Center For Medical Weight Loss Diet

Summary of major findings

A retrospective study was conducted to determine the typical weight loss achieved by CMWL diet and had stayed on it at least 4 weeks. If they subsequently added appetite suppressants, food or made any other diet changes the data for the subsequent time periods was excluded.

This study documents that it is possible to achieve significant, progressive and durable weight loss for any duration up to a year with the CMWL diet. This is without drug intervention and with moderate medical monitoring.

Based on a stratified sample of about 349 patients on this diet we found the following:

Very significant and progressive weight loss over a six month period starting out at 3% weight loss from initial body weight the first week, to 6% the first month, 12% at 3 mos and about 19% for the half year.

For dieters of one month duration up to and including one year essentially 100% of the sample achieved and maintained their maximum diet weight loss or very close to it by the time of their last weigh in or before dietary switches.

The diet is medically safe.

The findings are so dramatic and consistent that the diet merits additional study to understand the reasons for its effectiveness, its detailed impact on markers of cholesterol, insulin resistance etc and its usefulness in different clinical settings.

Retrospective Study of The Center For Medical Weight Loss Diet The participants studied were new patients who initially were assigned to the patients of The Center for Medical Weight Loss diet (CMWL).

Since achieving significant weight loss is difficult and maintaining weight loss is even more so, these findings, which demonstrate real world performance, are remarkable for a no-drug and relatively simple diet plan with moderate monitoring.

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